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Long Arm Quilting Services

ScruffyQuilts is pleased to offer edge-to-edge computerized long arm quilting services with a Gammill Statler Stitcher, we've nicknamed Doodles.  Doodles uses Isocord 100% polyester thread and Hobb’s 80/20 batting. Your quilt is precious to us because we know how much hard work and creativity went into it. Because of this, we take our time, handling each quilt with the same degree of care and attention to detail that we would give our own.

Currently we are NOT accepting quilts with 3-dimensional piecing, quilts with flanges or embroidery.

Appliqué quilts, T-shirt quilts, or quilts with Minkie backs may be quilted in overall designs; please speak to Katrina.

Current Estimated Completion Date:  
Approx. 2-3 week turnaround, Feb. 2nd.

Contact:  You can bring your quilt in to the shop and one of our sales associates will help you with your thread and pattern selection.   If you want to speak with Katrina directly about your quilt, just call the shop first to make sure she's on duty that day.


As calculated below plus $1.3/bobbin + $11/yard batting 

 - 2.6 cents/square inch 
All-over design

Sample calculation:  60 x 72 = 4320 x .026 = $112.32 + $2.6 (bobbin) + $20.08 (batting) = $135

$50 minimum

Additional 10%-25% for dense quilting patterns

Half the cost of new quilting patterns (i.e., those not already in our library)

$25 charge for rush job (i.e., completion required prior to estimated completion date above) if we can fit it in to the schedule without bumping someone out of line.

No batting charge if you bring in your own Hobb's 80/20 or Warm and Natural batting.  

Quilt preparation:

Quilt top - The straighter and cleaner your quilt, the nicer the quilting will be.  Please do not include embellishments -- it's better to add them after the quilting has been completed because they can trip the foot.  

 - Avoid wavy borders:  Measure the length of the quilt in the center and cut your border to that length, pin on the ends and sew with the longer piece on the feed dogs; repeat for the width of the quilt. Edges or borders that are on the bias may stretch, ripple and cause tucks.

 - Square-up and trim quilt top to its final size.

 - If you have piecing up to the edge of the quilt, consider stay stitching the edges to avoid seams coming undone.

Backing – Make sure the backing is 8 inches longer/wider than the quilt top.  For example, if the top is 60” x 72”, then the backing needs to be 68” x 80”.  Make sure the edges are even.

Grooming - Press well, making sure seams are all pressed properly, and trim loose threads from top and backing. Very lumpy seams will cause thread breaks during quilting.

Some examples:

Here are a couple of the quilts Doodles recently completed: