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Kitchen Witch by Nanette Campeau

The “Kitchen Witch” helps watch over your kitchen and brings you good luck.
Stitch up one for yourself and one for a deserving friend. Find a fun fabric for her body and something for her apron and chef’s hat, put a kitchen tool into her hand and you will have the kitchen helper you have always wanted.

    •    ¼ yd cotton fabric for body, legs and arms, matching threads
    •    1/3 yd cotton fabric for face and hands, matching threads
    •    Sewing machine, new needle (sharp is best for this project), open toe foot
    •    Fiber Fil - I use Silky Soft by Fairfield
    •    Mechanical pencil
    •    3 ½ “ doll needle
    •    Useful would be The Barbara Willis Stuffing Fork

There will be 2 kits to choose from:
Kit 1 – $18.50
    •    I am working on a source of for bulk patterns otherwise it will be a $9.50 charge and I will have them at the class.
    •    Freezer paper
    •    Wire for body support
    •    Pipe cleaners
    •    Pompoms for nose
    •    Craft sand
    •    John James Darner #7 (for sewing up the stuffing openings)
    •    Craft Thread for face sculpting

Kit 2 - $10
    •    Pre-sculpted and painted head
    •    Fabric for hands

Cost: $ 45.00
Instructor:Nanette Campeau